Songs of the doomed

by Protected Left

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Recorded February 2011 w/ Rick W. Johnson @ Cold War Studios.
Mastered April 2011 by Joel Hatset.


released April 20, 2011



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Protected Left California

Metal influenced punk from the East Bay.

Do you like songs about good times, girls, and beer? Then you should listen to something else.

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Track Name: Nightmare
I know some others change their mind/
Burn out and leave this life behind/
For something simpler/
More safe and more secure/
Content to let content choke out their fire/

At times I fear that I'll fade the same way/
That the embers slowly will die out/

This is my worst nightmare/
To slowly rot away/
To watch my efforts compound as failures every day

Should I just give up the ghost/
And let this chapter in life close?/
Move on to bitter days/
A life filled with malaise/
Fulfillment seems forever out of reach/

Each day one stop closer to my own grave/
But you gotta keep on truckin' anyway/
Track Name: At least I didn't cut my ear off
This old, sick, familiar feeling/
Well, it keeps me up at night/
It makes me question my own instincts/
And it rattles my insides/

I can't stop staring at the ceiling/
Or retracing days' events/
Each step examined from all angles/
Until there's nothing left/

I just can't help but think/
How every ending might turn out/
Peace of mind's been abandoned/
Replaced with gnawing doubt/

This old, sick, familiar feeling/
Has replaced long nights of sleep/
I search for some type of distraction/
But there's none that I can see/
Track Name: Elk Antlers
Shaken, scared, unsure/
Return to the familiar/
Hoping he might find/
Sure footing on conviction/

Solid, safe, secure/
No risk or chance of failure/
Resolve became rigid/
And in the end he'd crack/

There are times that I can relate/
There are times that I can understand/
The world can seem overwhelming/
When not clear and whole/

Lost, alone, afraid/
No purpose or direction/
The days began to blur/
To blur until they'd stop/

Shaken, scared, unsure/
Return to the familiar/
But even that has changed/
It isn't static when you're gone/

There are times that I can relate/
There are times that I can understand/
Sense of purpose, once shattered/
Rarely returns/